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WTF even my ladybits are named for what men do with them?

Fuck that, my 2 y/o niece has the right of it. It’s a hoo-ha from now on.

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The issue with Fox’s misogyny toward female pilots is that it reinforces the very thing military women already deal with from male counterparts.

And veterans are speaking out.

Read an open letter to Fox about Eric Bolling’s “boobs on the ground” remark, written by U.S. military veterans from the Truman Nat’l Security project:

Before you jump to the standby excuse that you were “just making a joke” or “having a laugh,” let the men amongst our number preemptively respond: You are not funny. You are not clever. And you are not excused. Perhaps the phrase “boys will be boys”—inevitably uttered wherever misogyny is present—is relevant. Men would never insult and demean a fellow servicemember; boys think saying the word ‘boobs’ is funny.

The less obvious implication of your remarks, however, is that by offending an ally and cheapening her contribution, you are actively hurting the mission. We need to send a clear message that anyone, male or female, who will stand up to ISIS and get the job done is worthy of our respect and gratitude.

We issue an apology on your behalf to Major Al Mansouri knowing that anything your producers force you to say will be contrived and insincere. Major, we’re sincerely sorry for the rudeness; clearly, these boys don’t take your service seriously, but we and the rest of the American public do.

Disclosure: Lisa Reed is a Media Matters employee. 

Remember: To the pigs at Fox (and their masters Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes) - and every man who thinks like them - a woman could find the cure for cancer or be a war hero, and she’d still be the focus of 1960s-era jokes about how women are brainless sex toys.

You know who your allies are—and who your enemies are.  And Fox News is an enemy.

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Anonymous said: Ugh, straight people can be really annoying sometimes! I'm pansexual and when I explain to them what it is they're like "so you're bisexual?", "that's just straight!", "no, if you date a girl, you're a lesbian, if you dare a guy you're straight" (and yes, multiple people have said the last one to me, I don't even fucking know). To straight people, it's basically heterosexual, homosexual, and "other". So many erased sexualities smh :/


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Whoever wants to eat cookie dough and not get salmonella. Here ya go!






Whoever wants to eat cookie dough and not get salmonella. Here ya go!



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Holy shit.

Holy shit is right



Holy shit.

Holy shit is right

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I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

Still makes me pretty happy. Shut that shit down.

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In the world, what counts more than talent, what counts more than energy or concentration or commitment or anything else, is kindness. The more in the world you encounter kindness and cheerfulness, the better the world always is. All the big words, virtue, justice, truth, are dwarfed by the greatness of kindness.
— Stephen Fry (via wild-earth)
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Over 700 Jefferson County High School students are staging walkouts and protests over proposed changes to the Advanced Placement History curriculum. According to Colorado Public Radio:

Last week, a school board member proposed that advanced placement history classes be required to promote free enterprise and patriotism and be required to avoid classroom materials that encourage social strife or civil disobedience. Two high schools in Jefferson County closed Friday after dozens of teachers called in sick in protest.

According the online petition to be delivered to the School District:

Jeffco Public School Board has just proposed a change of curriculum stating that, “Materials should not encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law. Instructional materials should present positive aspects of the United States and its heritage.”

This means that important parts of our history such as the Civil Rights Movement, Native American genocide, and slavery will not be taught in public schools. If these important lessons are not taught, children will not learn from them, and what will stop them from happening again? This is a severe form of censorship intended to keep the youth ignorant and easy to manipulate. I’m hoping to get enough signatures to prove that this is a public issue, so, please, if this is important to you, please sign. Do not let our youth grow up in ignorance; we all deserve the truth!

You can sign the petition here.

You can read more articles at The Denver Post, CBS Denver (with video), and Colorado Public Radio.

Thanks to theseacaptainsdaughter for dropping a link in my inbox.

I see White folks still scared about being the minority here in the States, that they gotta erase all folks of color from the damn history books.

If I had not taken APUSH and AP World History I would not know half of the horrors that America has committed.

I would not know that Abraham Lincoln was a supporter of the colonization movement, or that the Emancipation Proclamation wasn’t NEARLY what people seem to think it was.

I would not know that America was so afraid of Communism that it purposefully overthrew DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED leaders of countries in order to assure that no communist or socialist policies were put into place that ENDANGERED AMERICAN CORPORATIONS.

I would not know that Republicans used to be “liberal” and that Democrats used to be the white supremacy party.

I would not understand the extent of the build up to the Civil War, and the argument over slavery that existed from the time of the country’s founding.

I would not know that coup d’etats in Guatamala, Iran, Cuba, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and so many other countries were the product of American espionage.

I would not know who W.E.B Du Bois, Booker T. Washington, or Marcus Garvey were or how diverse and divided the civil rights and abolitionists movements were.

I would not know that Americans at the time of the American Revolution were the best fed, best dressed, best housed, least taxed people on the planet and they still found reason complain.

wouldn’t know that socialist policies enforced by F.D.R. helped to bring this country out of the great depression, and I wouldn’t understand the relationship between the U.S. and communism.

wouldn’t know that Andrew Jackson completely ignored the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Indian Removal Act, thus marching thousands of Native Americans to their death.

Yes, I wouldn’t know all the awful things about this country that people try to brush under the rug, and I would probably be in a blissful and ignorant bubble, enjoying life as a middle class white kid.

But I also wouldn’t see how far we’ve come, and how much farther we have to go, and everything we need to change about this country to make it better and to fix our mistakes.

AP United States History is so important, because theres so little between us and what’s happened in the past, and if we can’t educate kids on what the past is, then don’t expect them to learn any lessons from it.  If we can’t understand where we come from then we have no idea where we can and will go. 

As a historian this is very important to me. Optimally, we can do our best to find ways to study facts objectively before forming an opinion. It’s not actually possible, but we do our best. But to do that, you need a wide range of facts to study - hearing both sides of an argument and weighing the pros/cons of each before making a calculated and critically thought out conclusion is he basis if all human education and knowledge. Skipping that process for the sake of “patriotism” is commonly referred to indoctrination (or attempt thereof).

Indoctrination (educating through “that’s just the way it is” is necessary for very young kids to learn, because let’s face it, most tiny kids don’t have the capacity to understand the reasons/influences behind all beliefs and opinions and truths, just like I, a first year Latin student, can’t understand the intricacies of the fifth declension and must accept it at face value for now.

That being said, AP kids should learn uncensored history. It is how we teach our children to think, to weigh, to decide and use evidence and good reasons to back their opinions. It’s not only better, it’s how it should be.

God forbid any government dare to touch the history books. The day we attempt to hide the blood and tears of years past is the day we start replacing them with our own.

This is some dystopian shit and it needs to stop right the fuck now. Also, here’s the email to the board of education if you want to do something more tangible than sign an online petition:

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The premise of minimum wage, when it was introduced, was that a single wage earner should be able to own a home and support a family.  That was what it was based on; a full time job, any job, should be able to accomplish this.

The fact people scoff at this idea if presented nowadays, as though the people that ring up your groceries or hand you your burgers don’t deserve the luxury of a home and a family, is disgusting.

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